FREE TABU – and good bye to all that.

Dora wrote...

After a much discussed and very well assisted Рand to my taste, extremely interesting, although I must admit I am easily interested in many things- show featuring the conversation between Astrid Proll and Klaus Stern, and after dismissing the depression of Jan about audience participation, and after having Tabu encouraging the audience to keep on smiling, the last show was there. Felix Ensslin was guest for the second time and Johannes Ullmaier was his partner to speak about : Killing the father? Avant-garde and violence in post war literature and art.

The questions, more or less, and approximately, the answers: Continue reading

Something I found while transcribing the interview with Frank Matzke

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Frank Matzke and the hArt times theater, July 27

I therefore demand it explicitly, again, because I wanted to know whether your way of working includes the emotional manipulation of the audience as a concept. So for example, by choosing a particular music, or by choosing a particular topic? Continue reading