FREE TABU – and good bye to all that.

Dora wrote...

After a much discussed and very well assisted Рand to my taste, extremely interesting, although I must admit I am easily interested in many things- show featuring the conversation between Astrid Proll and Klaus Stern, and after dismissing the depression of Jan about audience participation, and after having Tabu encouraging the audience to keep on smiling, the last show was there. Felix Ensslin was guest for the second time and Johannes Ullmaier was his partner to speak about : Killing the father? Avant-garde and violence in post war literature and art.

The questions, more or less, and approximately, the answers:

– Is there a relation between avant garde and violence? YES. Starting from Marinetti and futurismus. Everything had to be made new again, and such a revolution had a violent component.

– Is literary or artistic influence a source of anxiety? This form of questioning belongs to the XIX century, imagining an artist or writer “creating” alone among books. Nowadays influences are too present everywhere to be afraid of them.

– Is the 68 movement still very influential? Yes, but not the 68 as it really was, but the 68 that we create today, again and again, a different product depending on who is speaking.

– Is the Oedipus complex still relevant today? We are not sure, we’ve got to ask our mothers.

– A quote from (sorry, we were not able to avoid danger) Wolfgang Huber, SPK: “I realize that theory makes you stupid, but stupidity sets you free”