dOCUMENTA(13) presents every Friday

KLAU MICH: Radicalism in society meets experiment on TV
Klau Mich is a TV- and performance project by Dora García in collaboration with:
Ellen Blumenstein, Samir Kandil, Jan Mech, Theater Chaosium Kassel, and Offener Kanal Kassel

Ständehaus Kassel
free entrance

Friday, June 8, 1:50 pm
Metanoia: destruction
in art and the dialectics
of liberation
Peter Cross, Leon Redler
and Homage to Gustav Metzger
Friday, June 15, 1:50 pm
Why the Germans?
Götz Aly
Friday, June 22, 1:50 pm
Steal Me, Pirate Party and
Communication Guerrilla
Rainer Langhans, Joachim Scharloth,
Piratenpartei Deutschland:
Jessica Miriam Zinn
Friday, June 29, 1:50 pm
Corrected Slogans
Art & Language
Friday, July 6, 1:50 pm
Rote Hilfe
Friday, July 13, 1:50 pm
Counterfeit money.
Investing in the time after the future
Daniel Tyradellis, Joseph Vogl
Friday, July 20, 1:50 pm
Norbert Frei, Rudolf Kreis (to be confirmed)
Friday, July 27, 1:50 pm
Theater of Cruelty
Frank Matzke & hArt times theater
Friday, August 3, 1:50 pm
Putting paid
Felix Ensslin Ulf Aminde
Friday, August 10, 1:50 pm
I (still) can’t get no satisfaction
Rolf Schwendter
Friday, August 17, 1:50 pm
On Radical Education
Ayse Gülec, Lothar Kannenberg,
Rütli-Wear Berlin
Friday, August 24, 1:50 pm
Total Institution vs.
Invented Institution
Carmen Roll, Franco Rotelli,
Gunnar Richter, Rose Ostermann
Friday, August 31, 1:50 pm
Politics, Performance and
the Right to the City
Matthias von Hartz, Christoph Twickel
Friday, September 7, 1:50 pm
Radical art and politics
Astrid Proll, Klaus Stern
Friday, September 14, 1:50 pm
Killing the father?
Avant-garde and violence
in post war literature and art
Felix Ensslin, Johannes Ullmaier

TV stage set and rehearsals daily open to the public