Something I found while transcribing the interview with Frank Matzke

Dora wrote...

Frank Matzke and the hArt times theater, July 27

I therefore demand it explicitly, again, because I wanted to know whether your way of working includes the emotional manipulation of the audience as a concept. So for example, by choosing a particular music, or by choosing a particular topic? Continue reading


Dora wrote...

We look forward to the new show, ON THEATER, ON THEATER OF CRUELTY and ON HART TIMES THEATER. With Chaosium and hArt times theater group.
Hard times indeed, very hard.
After so many hardships this week- art criminals stole our streaming computer, yesterday one of our main actresses for today’s show deserted us in anger- we are still standing. Streaming is repaired, new computer working, and as usual, the KLAU MICH show will be streaming today at 14:00 at
See here the beautiful pictures taking by Juan, our new little kleine kleine Tabu. This is Klau Mich seen from the perspective of a nine-years-old child.
More after the new show.
All best dear readers, if not many, certainly exquisite readers.