Something I found while transcribing the interview with Frank Matzke

Dora wrote...

Frank Matzke and the hArt times theater, July 27

I therefore demand it explicitly, again, because I wanted to know whether your way of working includes the emotional manipulation of the audience as a concept. So for example, by choosing a particular music, or by choosing a particular topic?

Frank Matzke:
Yes, of course, that was now in the “Best Song Of My Life”. The main subject of “Best Song Of My Life” was what theater means to the individual players and for the group, but it was expressed through favorite songs. And this it is the case for Piaf, Edith Piaf’s “Non, rien de rien”, the song is very well known, it is related to the biography of the singer, it is part of the collective imaginary, and so one can very well anticipate the feelings of the audience. It helps you to achieve a certain mood. But this does not take away the authenticity of Lia when she speaks about acting: “I do not act, I play a role in everyday life but I do not act in the theater because I’m as real in theater as in real life’ , which is actually a very paradoxical process, and this testimony with the song of Piaf as a background gives a wonderful contrasting effect. And this is where you can get your thoughts about it and in that case one could be reasonably sure that it works.