FREE TABU – and good bye to all that.

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After a much discussed and very well assisted – and to my taste, extremely interesting, although I must admit I am easily interested in many things- show featuring the conversation between Astrid Proll and Klaus Stern, and after dismissing the depression of Jan about audience participation, and after having Tabu encouraging the audience to keep on smiling, the last show was there. Felix Ensslin was guest for the second time and Johannes Ullmaier was his partner to speak about : Killing the father? Avant-garde and violence in post war literature and art.

The questions, more or less, and approximately, the answers: Continue reading

Hi Leon. Why is it always so late? by Peter Cross

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Hi Leon
Why is it always so late? I read your contribution again after 2 weeks and I thought, wow. You  instantly understood the link between destruction and protection.
1. What might or ought the artist and her/his art seek to destroy, in the service of protecting, or opening up, a vital space?Yes this ‘vital space’ is also an art space. But not just an art space: it is a space for politics and the body. The vital space is also the space dividing artists from their audience: the space policed by the museum with is careful management of this boundary. What can  first be ‘destroyed’ is the sense of the lonely artist, the author confronted by the world, the nineteenth century idea that has been gradually transformed into the self-invented cultural worker negotiating the possibilities of the culture industry in its new formation as a knowledge factory.
So what is being destroyed is beyond the idea of the work of art as a product: what is being destroyed is the concept of the artist as a brand, as a product.
Many people are grappling to find a way out of this confined space. Many artists are fighting for new ways to be part of the new cultural dissidence in the West. It’s a question of finding the clear political message hidden within the bushes of ideology in the West (when they leave the West, everything looks clearer, but is it?). And this – process of dissidence, of making a global reach –  has been happening for a long time. Continue reading

Title: “What would you destroy in order to protect yourself?” by Leon Redler

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For Klau Mich blog, from Leon Redler


Title: “What would you destroy in order to protect yourself?”

Toward the end of the Klau Mich show on June 8, the opening day of documenta13, the talk show host, Jan, recalled the artist Gustav Metzger saying:

“The idea is to destroy things in order to protect the individual.”

Jan then asked all of us, present and/or watching on live TV or the internet:

“What would you destroy in order to protect yourself?”

The question was left for us to think about. Continue reading