FREE TABU – and good bye to all that.

Dora wrote...

After a much discussed and very well assisted – and to my taste, extremely interesting, although I must admit I am easily interested in many things- show featuring the conversation between Astrid Proll and Klaus Stern, and after dismissing the depression of Jan about audience participation, and after having Tabu encouraging the audience to keep on smiling, the last show was there. Felix Ensslin was guest for the second time and Johannes Ullmaier was his partner to speak about : Killing the father? Avant-garde and violence in post war literature and art.

The questions, more or less, and approximately, the answers: Continue reading


tabu wrote...

Die Klau Mich Show don’t have backstage, everything is given during the recording of the show friday afternoon in Städehaus. For this 13th friday we got some panic, no backstage to hide, so our changes are in direct time, in front of the audience and we solve, find solution in time under de gaze of cameras and spectators. There isn’t miracle, problems blows away simply because the team is self confident and trust in each members, so it’s possible to find a balance and mix up live improvisation with script necessity. Continue reading

Some selected moments of Art & Language guests in die Klau Mich Show

Dora wrote...

Friday June 29 14:00, die Klau Mich Show at Ständehaus, Kassel. Guests: Art & Language

02:52 Samir Kandil

Hello, ladies and gentlemen, dear spectators here in the Ständehaus in Kassel. Ladies and gentlemen, meine Damen und Herren, in front of the local TV screen, and dear spectators all over the planet, who watch us through the world-wide web, welcome to this fourth edition of the Klau Mich Show! Welcome.

So, ladies and gentlemen, and specially our TV spectators, I know you have been asking yourselves frequently in the last days: is this what we are watching right now a work of art?
I assure you it is, yes.
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Rehearsals 19 june 2012

tabu wrote...

Some pictures of yesterday’s rehearsals.

Training song for chaosium, finding energy, right intonation to play professional audience and influence the visitors.

Jan was speaking to the empty hall, difficult without viewers to find jokes and have a speech, but he did a good job and he plays with the few people present in the rehearsals.

Then, last round of contributions, finding the right place, saying the script, be comfortable on stage to involve the performance.

Tomorrow another collective session of work to be ready for friday show and pictures for the blog!