Ulf Aminde and Felix Ensslin on Jenny the Pirate

Dora wrote...

Tabu: I would like to call not to the stage our guests for today: Ulf Aminde, Ellen Blumenstein, Felix Ensslin. Ladies and Gentlemen, a warm applause for them.

(The guests enter. Ulf Aminde goes directly to the pianist and begins to read accompanied by her piano)

Ulf Aminde:

“Lieber Papa, mir geht es gut.  Continue reading

Pirate Jenny

Dora wrote...

We have a pianist now, Mathilde.

We have as well a mysterious new Klau Mich show coming up IN AUGUST 3 with Felix Ensslin, Ulf Aminde and Ellen Blumenstein. We only know that the title is “putting paid”. It will be introduced by Tabu. Here are some of the sentences that will be said during the opening monologue:

“Meine Damen und meine Herren welcome to the Klau Mich show, or, in English, the STEAL ME show. Very welcome the audience here in Ständehaus, very welcome to those who see us through local television, and very welcome to our world wide audience seeing us live. My name is Tabu. Continue reading


tabu wrote...

Everything gone well last friday. Chaosium was split, women where on stage, having a talk, some lipstick, a HukuLele. Men where on the professional audience stage, looking at the show and sometimes reading their CarsMagazine.

The Guest have time to speak and presented their ideas and works, but the conversation didn’t really explose between them, Ellen managed well to keep going in with questions, and time runs very fast! We didn’t have enough minutes to speak about all the subjetcs…

Anyway the final was a dialogue between women and men just before the Vinyl blows his sound into Ständehaus and people start to dance toghether!

See you soon,



tabu wrote...

Die Klau Mich Show don’t have backstage, everything is given during the recording of the show friday afternoon in Städehaus. For this 13th friday we got some panic, no backstage to hide, so our changes are in direct time, in front of the audience and we solve, find solution in time under de gaze of cameras and spectators. There isn’t miracle, problems blows away simply because the team is self confident and trust in each members, so it’s possible to find a balance and mix up live improvisation with script necessity. Continue reading