A preventive demonstration. News from Outside.

Dora wrote...

…and that’s why we are on the streets, because we think it’s better to do it now, than to do it when it’s too late.


…für eine Stadt! Für alle!

KLAU MICH ended up in the street. This is something that I could see coming. Revolt had to escape the theater space.

KLAU MICH visited the future in the show on August 10, with Rolf Schwendter. Now it has visited it again, with the first preventive demonstration ever. Preventive demonstration? yes, Didn’t you hear about preventive wars? Preventive demonstration is a sort of civil rights preventive war.

Gentrification is not yet an issue in Kassel. Yet, it is an important issue in Hamburg and, in Liverpool- where the next project will happen in a few days. Truth is, smart politicians and investors have discovered that a very efficient and profitable way of avoiding social conflict is just sending away from their homes the people who are victims of this social conflict, the conflictuous inhabitants themselves- by making it impossible for them to keep living where they live. This is gentrification, and artists are often knowing or unknowing accomplices for that.

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News from Outside.