Art is not sustainable

Dora wrote...

Says Matthias von Hartz.

The show on August 31 was a very special one. Here the official summary: AUGUST 31, POLITICS, PERFORMANCE, AND THE RIGHT TO THE CITY.¬†Or How performance is politics. Theater curator Matthias von Hartz and journalist and activist Christoph Twickel are guest at the Steal Me show with the moderation of Ellen Blumenstein. They discuss how much art needs politics and how much politics needs art. Following a tradition of art and street activism, the show ends in a rather unusual manner, with the audience, the guests, and the TV crew leaving the Klau Mich stage to go to demonstrate on the street, with the soundtrack of Elvis Presley’s Viva Las Vegas.

However, a quote by Matthias von Hartz really caught my attention: art is not sustainable. In which context was it said? Continue reading