August 17 intro monologue ON RADICAL EDUCATION

Dora wrote...

Meine sehr geehrten Damen und Herren, dear Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to this rather hot Friday afternoon in the Ständehaus in Kassel! This is, as you heard, Die Klau Mich Show. Today´s subject is education, es geht heute um Erziehung oder genauer gesagt um “Radical Education”, um “radikale Erziehung”.

(he seems to think for a moment)

And this show will unfold like an essay, that is the reason why we have called it “on radical education”. Continue reading

week 6

tabu wrote...

A special post-thank for the Tabu’s leaving us this week, it’s was nice to have them working in Die Klau Mich Show. They were’nt only useful hands, but also help a lot with their humour, participative think and disponibilities.

In Die Klau Mich Show we are not afraid to have manies Tabus! More we are and best it is!


Thank again to Clara, Maxime and Karim!


tabu wrote...

Note of the editor: please forgive Tabu’s English, she is from Polynesia.

Yesterday was the week 6, rehearsal, theater chausium, Tabu, Dora couldn’t be with us physically but she was keep an eye on Standehouse movements from the web cam.

Have the professional audience on stage is dynamic, ideas grows up faster and one Tabu had a lot of propositions!

today there’is not rehearsal but people can see the stage, speak with Tabu and push thought so far as possible!

Tomorrow everybody is back, working toghether and preparing all the best for friday show.

The Show is only the top of the Iceberg, be or Titanic and come to crash in Standen Haus!



Les invités

tabu wrote...

Juste avant le Show, ils étaient en peu nerveux, ne sachant pas trop a quel moment ils devraient monter sur scène. Après des indications ils ont retrouvé le sourire et ont commencés à parler ensemble continuant quelques minutes plus tard leur conversation devant les cameras.

Pendant le film de Gustav Metzger, en toute liberté, ils se sont assis par terre devant la scène, quittant leur fauteuil pour mieux voir le film. La curiosité et l’intérêt n’a pas peur de délaissé le confort.

Joli moment.