The uncanny at the Ständehaus, Kassel

Dora wrote...

Message received from a very dear collaborator of Die Klau Mich Show:

The scene does not have a precise beginning as I was following my needs (and my thoughts) while being at Ständehaus, in particular in the men’s room (toilet, restroom), inside the cabin and using it in its originally intended way. The sound of a strong and regular breathing sound catches to my attention. Suddenly a whispering voice, very quietly: “Hey you. I am playing with my dick… how about you?”. No one answers but a few more sentences of a similar content are pronounced. I freeze, being convinced of being an accidental witness of an intimate phone call. I remain silent and without any motion hoping to escape the embarrassment by waiting until the scene will find its (happy?) dénouement soon, and I will be able finally to leave undiscovered and unnoticed. The man is now more clearly audible in his activity (Activity which one of the Klau Mich Guests would probably call a “Extasetechnik”) and then, suddenly, he went silent for a while. God! What now?

Now a head with short blond hair appears from under the door inside my cabin looking up to me. (Me being still motionless sitting in my original position). “What are you doing??? “ I heard myself asking followed by the very unimpressed reply (and with the self-assurance with which he could have asked for a bread in a bakery): “I am just looking what you are doing!” The situation was cut short, when my bourgeois reflexes produced the answer: “And do you think this is ok?” Silence, the head retreats, I hear the door closing.